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Half German, half shepherd. Tattooed. Longboarder. 102.3 Bee FM Program Director.

Moka loves it when she’s on board. And no, this isn’t limited to being your favorite jock who provides you with the songs to match your mood. Her off-the- air alter ego likes to ride in a long board- her default setting after work. Music and riding her trusty long board is like the chilimansi to her pork siomai. Take one away then life becomes incomplete, stale, and bland.

The “extremes” thrill her. She likes racing, scuba diving and even cliff diving. Hows that for living life on the edge?

Growing up in an environment where music is always played, she lives and breathes the soothing tunes and melodies that music uphold. The moment she puts her headphones on, the world shuts off. And when she opens her mouth, the people listen.

Moka plays alternative / pop / modern rock hits during her midday show plus a showcase on OPM elite artists that will surely get you in the rock star mood. The rock star chic welcomes you aboard!



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